Ryder Cup heckler sinks putt Rory McIlroy missed, wins $100 [VIDEO]

Pictured: The greatest moment in the history of hecklers.

Pictured: The greatest moment in the history of hecklers.

It's the easiest, most sensible comeback to a heckler.

"Oh yeah?" the star says, staring back at the no-name challenger in the crowd. "You think you could do any better?"

This is supposed to silence the mouthy adversary, who suddenly realizes his or her place in the greater hierarchy of the event. Once in a while, some emboldened jackass hollers back that yeah, they could do better.

And once in a great long while, he walks right up and proves it.

This is the scene that took place at the Ryder Cup golf tournament at Hazeltine National in suburban Chaska. A packed crowd watched as the European players took a practice round on the eve of Thursday morning's official teeing off.

It seems that on one hole, Rory McIlroy, the third-ranked golfer in the world, had some difficulty sinking a 10-foot putt, and some guy in the crowd let him know about it.

A note, for the unfamiliar: The Ryder Cup tends to draw a slightly randier, looser (maybe drunker) set of fans, and there's a bit more give-and-take than at the reverent, hushed-audience major championships. 

McIlroy's reply to the guy calling him out: Wanna try it yourself? Then somebody offered him $100 if he made it. Put a Benjamin Franklin down, an inch in front of the ball, so the heckler could look at it while he putted. 




Pioneer Press reporter Brian Murphy tracked down the successful, $100-richer yahoo after he sank his golf shot. His name is David Johnson, he's from Mayville, North Dakota, and he is high as hell on adrenaline. 

Now, David, imagine if making shots like that, and hearing that roar from the crowd was just another day at the office. Guess Rory's got you there. But you've won this round. For America, and for smartasses who yell stuff out everywhere.