Rybak's top challenger suspends campaign

Bob Miller, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak's leading challenger for the DFL endorsement, said he was suspending his campaign immediately.

Miller told the Star Tribune that the hospitalization of his mother and his wife led to his decision. He is the only candidate to announce a run for the DFL endorsement against Rybak.

More from the Strib:

"The health of my wife and mother and family stuff is a lot more important to me," said Miller, who heads the Minneapolis Neighborhood Revitalization Program. He said he probably could have dealt with one hospitalization and kept campaigning. But with two, he said, "Frankly, it's just a little bit more than I can take on in an effective way."

Miller said he didn't know whether he would be able to return to campaigning before the city DFL convention on May 16 bestows an endorsement. But he said it's unlikely he'd challenge Rybak if the mayor gets the party's endorsement for the first time in his career.

Here is the note posted on Miller's site to announce his campaign suspension:
A message from Bob:

Last November I began a campaign for Minneapolis Mayor by raising issues that are important to the future of our City. I wanted to bring a point of view to this election that wasn't even being considered at City Hall.

I wanted to focus attention on helping homeowners before they became victims of foreclosure, addressing the causes of crime, continuing to invest in improving our neighborhoods, providing pre-school education to every Minneapolis child, and improving the financial management of our city.

Although I would have liked to vigorously continue this effort, changes in my family situation have made it impossible for me to put forth the time and effort that this campaign deserves. I am, therefore, immediately suspending my campaign. I'd like to thank those who supported me financially, at the caucuses, and with their volunteer hours. Your efforts have been greatly appreciated and helped to bring my message of resident empowerment coupled with responsible and responsive government to the Minneapolis electorate.