Rybak not backing civil rights director for reappointment

Earlier today, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak sent out a list of department head nominations to be approved by the City Council. Civil Rights Department Director Michael Jordan's name wasn't on it.

"[Rybak] wants to go in a new direction," says John Stiles, the mayor's spokesman. "He thinks there has been progress, but he's looking for a strong new manager."

Before Rybak appointed him in 2007, Jordan worked as a spokesman for the St. Paul Police Department and as commissioner for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. Jordan was hailed as the certain-savior of the troubled department when he came in, but he turned out to be a force of destruction almost immediately.

Jordan is the only department head Rybak didn't nominate for reappointment.

In the letter detailing all of his nominations, Rybak writes that he hopes to have a civil rights director pick by April. Jordan will continue to serve as the department's director until then.

Stiles says Rybak will likely search locally for Jordan's replacement.

"I think the mayor will want to see first what talent there is here," he says.

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