Rybak has no plans to jump ship for Obama's team


There's been a lot of talk about Minnesotans with potential to move to the Capitol to work for President-elect Barack Obama. Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak is almost always on the list, but he says he has no plans to leave us, according to KARE11.

From KARE11:

"I love living in Minnesota," Rybak remarked, "So this isn't good news for RT Rybak; this is good news for Minnesota because I'm going to blatantly use the relationships I developed in this campaign."

In Rybak's mind the job of leading the city will be even better with a friend and Democrat in the White House, especially when it comes to education and transportation initiatives.

"It's really not just about who's in the job," he elaborated, "It's about whether those of us who stay in our jobs here in Minnesota are able to deliver better because there's a better president."

We're pretty sure everyone says this before any announcement just so they don't look cocky or ready to leave their post behind. How could he pass up a job with his Chicago BFF who Obama says "knew I was running for president before I even knew it!"

Match made in heaven if you ask us. Look at that warm embrace.