Rybak e-disses Calif. mayors in fantasy football competition

Rybak e-disses Calif. mayors in fantasy football competition

Mayor R.T. Rybak didn't have the football smarts to create his own fantasy football team, but he sure knows how to toss around the dirt about his competition on the interwebs.

Yesterday, Rybak announced his participation in a Fantasy Football League where he is competing against mayors from across the country. Winner gets $15,000 for a local charity. The city picked as the favorite as voted by people on the site wins another $15,000.

Rybak has his eyes set on the prize and appears ready to trash talk his way to the top. He even commented on one of our sister paper's blogs to diss the San Francisco and Oakland mayors he is competing against.

Did tornadoes just hit Minneapolis this week or did we make that up?

Here is what Rybak had to say in his blog post yesterday. He already sounded a little fiesty despite admitting his lack of football knowledge:

With most of Vikingland obsessed with the new quarterback, your Mayor has been focused on getting REAL talent to work for our us.

Today was the draft for the Fantasy Football Leagues that pits me against Mayors from around the country....including the lame Mayor of Green Bay who, get this, picked Adrian Peterson. (May as well pine for our ENTIRE backfield.)

Working with my son Charlie...(o.k., Charlie did all the work....) we drafted Minnesotans Larry Fitzgerald and Marion Barber. We also got Bernard Berrian, Visanthe Shiancoe, Ryan Longwell (take that, again G.B. Mayor), Philip Rivers, Thomas Jones, Antonio Bryant and....get this....the entire Minnesota defense.

So cheer real loud at the game Friday...and I'll be there with Charlie to welcome Brett....but know that when Mayors from around the country are lamely drafting also rans....YOUR Mayor is bringing home the bacon.

Check out his roster and the other mayors's rosters.

According to our sister paper, SF Weekly, Rybak commented on their blog post about the fantasy football league.

On their original blog post, Rybak said:

Gavin and Ron may be great mayors but on the Fantasy Football field, they are no match for Results Minneapolis

Of course we'd take any blog comment as a fake trying to stir up some controversy, but they checked in with Rybak's office and confirmed this is for real.

Mayor R.T. Rybak's spokesman, Jeremy Hanson, confirms this is authentic "trash-talking of his political colleagues" from Minneapolis' mayor.

SF Weekly couldn't find Rybak commenting anywhere else, so no word on how crazy this e-dissing could become. Maybe Rybak feels a tad intimidated by the hot-shot California mayors. We're just proud Rybak avoided a vomit-worthy Brett Favre pick for his team. Rybak might not be the most dude-bro football tough mayor out there, but at least he is a kickass stage diver and crowd surfer.

Let the online bickering begin!

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