Rybak best pick for Obama's Transportation Secretary, says Wired


Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak got a big thumbs-up from Wired today in a post about President-elect Barack Obama's best picks for his Secretary of Transportation.

Wired says Rybak would be his best pick for the spot because of his forward-thinking ideas on transportation issues, such as light rail, pedestrian access and trying to bring streetcars back to the city.

Oh, and he crowd surfs.

More from Wired:

That said, the best guy for the job may well be R.T. Rybak, the forward-thinking mayor of Minneapolis. He's made sensible and sustainable transportation policy a hallmark of his tenure. His Access Minneapolis transportation plan calls for bringing streetcars back to the city, building a robust pedestrian network, increasing transit access and capacity and making city streets more bike-friendly. When the Minneapolis bridge collapsed, he insisted that its replacement have the capacity to support light rail.

His progressive transportation policies have nearly doubled the number of cyclists and, more impressive, made downtown Minneapolis one of the few urban areas to return to the population levels it saw before the flight to the suburbs that followed World War II.


His is exactly the kind of proactive, big-picture thinking we need if we are to address our nation's infrastructure problems and begin moving us toward smarter growth. It doesn't hurt that he's also the only big city U.S. mayor who's ever been seen crowd surfing.

Here is the photo they are referencing, from How Was the Show: