Ryan Lichtie flees traffic stop with officer in his car


No. 1 rule when fleeing the cops: Leave the cop behind. This guy failed big time. A 19-year-old La Crosse man is accused of fleeing a traffic stop after he was suspected of underage drinking. He drove away with the cop in his vehicle. Clever.

Police pulled over Ryan Lichtie in Onalaska after midnight Saturday when he went through a stop sign. Police could smell alcohol when they approached him in his vehicle. When police were attempting to arrest him, he was able to sneak back into his car. One officer grabbed his arm and the other officer jumped into the vehicle on top of Lichtie.

Lichtie apparently thought he could still "escape" his arrest while driving down the street with a cop plopped on top of him. He drove almost two blocks at about 15 mph, stopped and started punching and kicking the officer. When the second officer caught up to the scene, he nailed Lichtie with a Taser. That'll do it.

So what did he end up arrested for? Recklessly endangering safety, escape, fleeing, obstructing, failure to comply with officer's attempt to take a person into custody, six counts of bail jumping, underage consumption and failure to stop at a stop sign. So much for "fleeing," huh?

And if you thought this was one of those "black out" oops moments in his life, think again. He's been out on bond from a March case where he charged a police officer while he was drunk. Someone never taught this guy how to treat officers real nice to get out of tickets.

The judge during his Monday court appearance nailed this guy: He said he "doesn't have two brain cells between his ears" when he drinks. We'd bet that's the case 24/7.