Ryan Larson, man falsely accused of Officer Decker murder, accused of stalking ex-GF [UPDATE]

Larson got himself in trouble when he texted his ex to let her know about the Eric Thomes news.
Larson got himself in trouble when he texted his ex to let her know about the Eric Thomes news.

Original post from January 10 -- update at bottom

Ryan Larson, the man who was initially arrested in connection with the murder of Cold Spring Police Officer Tom Decker, is wanted on felony stalking charges. He's allegedly been harassing his ex-girlfriend for at least six months.

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After news of the warrant for Larson's arrest broke today, he spoke to a reporter from the St. Cloud Times, and said: "It just seems like everyone is out to get me." "They don't have any single shred of evidence against me," Larson added, echoing remarks he made when he was released from prison after prosectors decided they didn't have enough evidence to charge him in connection with Decker's murder.

The Times report also provides details about how Larson allegedly stalked his ex:

A court complaint filed today in Wright County charging Larson with felony stalking and with violating a restraining order accuses him of contacting a health care facility in Buffalo where his ex-girlfriend worked and threatening to post warnings about the company on blogs and web sites that have anything "to do with your company's interest."

He also is accused of posting a negative online review of the company that included a statement that his ex-girlfriend "should be in jail," according to the court complaint.

He's also accused of contacting two of her former employers; one of those incidents caused her to lose her job in June, according to the charges. She got the restraining order on Aug. 21.

Wright County Sheriff Joe Hagerty said today that Larson's ex-girlfriend called sheriff's officials on Nov. 29 [the same night Decker was murdered] to report that Larson's mother had received "disturbing text messages" from Larson including one that said "tomorrow something big is going to happen."

Wright County sent two deputies to the ex-girlfriend's house at about 10:30 that night, Hagerty said, because of the ex-girlfriend's concerns about her safety...

The court complaint charging Larson in Wright County indicates that the with his ex-girlfriend continued into January and involved prank calls and text messages, including a message allegedly sent by Larson to his ex-girlfriend Jan. 4 alerting her to breaking news in the Decker investigation.

Our post from the day after's Decker's murder explains the connection between the call Larson's ex-girlfriend made to sheriff's officials on November 29 and Larson's arrest on suspicion he shot Officer Decker:

According to Stearns County Sheriff John Sanner, law enforcement received a call of concern about Ryan Larson, 34, about 9 p.m. yesterday evening. The call said Larson was potentially suicidal.

"Officers responded to [Larson's] residence, failed to make contact with him," Sanner said. "[They] did return an hour and 45 minutes later trying to make contact. Officer Decker [along with his partner] pulled up, [were] confronted by armed individual, [Decker was] shot twice, and died."

It appears Decker was ambushed by Larson, authorities said. They also confirmed that Cold Spring officers knew Larson.

It's now clear that one reason officers were familiar with Larson was because he had been repeatedly violating the restraining order taken out against him by his ex in August.

One month to the day after Larson was released from prison, authorities held a press conference to announce that a man named Eric Thomes had killed himself when investigators showed up to re-interview him in connection with Decker's murder. But law enforcement still hasn't cleared Larson's name -- "We have not excluded anyone as a suspect in this case," Wade Setter of the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension said during the January 4 presser.

In other words, the web of murderous intrigue emanating from Winner's Sports Bar in Cold Spring, the site of Decker's murder, only continues to grow.

:::: UPDATE ::::

A week after being released from jail, Larson is back behind bars.

According to KSTP, Larson posted bail last week and was released from custody after being booked on the stalking charge, but one of the conditions of his release was to turn in all his firearms and gun permit. He failed to do so, and was arrested again at 1:30 this morning.

Here's his latest mugshot:

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