Ryan Eugene Loyd sentenced in 16-year-old Anthony Titus's murder

Ryan Eugene Loyd

Ryan Eugene Loyd

Anthony Titus had just turned 16 years old when he was shot dead on the night of the Fourth of July in a backyard on the 2900 block of Fremont Avenue North.

Family and friends said they were sure the boy wasn't in a gang, and that the shooting wasn't gang-related.

As Minneapolis police started investigating, they found there was more to the story.


Titus had been hanging out with a bunch of friends who included someone associated with the T-Block street gang. And as they walked down Fremont Avenue, a maroon Ford Expedition rolled by.

As they turned onto 30th Avenue North, it rolled by again. This time, someone in the SUV yelled out, "What's up now, li'l niggers."

Two men got out of the SUV and opened fire on Titus and his friends, then ran back to the SUV, and it sped off.

Before the end of the month, Minneapolis cops had arrested two men, 21-year-old Ryan Eugene Loyd and 17-year-old Kenneth Johnson in the shooting. Both are suspected members of the "Young and Thuggin" gang bangers, rivals with T-Block.

Loyd pleaded guilty today to second degree attempted murder and second degree murder in Hennepin County District Court. He's been sentenced to 39 years in prison.