RV driver (VROOM VROOM!) goes up-and-over (WHEEE!) roundabout [VIDEO]

The most exciting way to navigate a roundabout is also the least legal.

The most exciting way to navigate a roundabout is also the least legal. Youtube

People who know about roads and safe driving will tell you roundabouts decrease the number of accidents.

People who do not know about roads or safe driving will take one look at a roundabout and HIT THE GAS because their real life is some insane combination of Grand Theft Auto-meets-Dukes of Hazard-meets-Speed-the-movie-meets-speed-the-drug, and they ain't got time to take no turns.

We can't say much about this video (first noticed by MPR) except that it was uploaded earlier this week with this description: "A RV in Worthington Minnesota doesn't see the roundabout, blows right through the yield sign, and goes over the roundabout jumping it instead of going around it!"

A just-visible date across the top of the clip indicates it was recorded October 25. If you have reason to believe your zaniest aunt and uncle or fewest-fucks-given grandparents passed through Worthington that day, please give them a stern talking to. 

This kinda looks like fun -- check out the airtime! -- but should not become a model for how to navigate one of these here circular deals.The last thing we need is renegade campers turning all our safety-first engineer plans into demolition derbies.

It's called a roundabout, not a throughover.