Ruth Stewart, 105, wastes away in Margaritaville

Ruth Stewart nibbled on some cake and tippled a Margarita
Ruth Stewart nibbled on some cake and tippled a Margarita

Her hearing's going, although her friends seem to think her memory's OK. Still, on Ruth Stewart's 105th birthday -- she was born on the Fourth of July -- she needed a frozen concoction to help her hang on.

Here's a woman who remembers life before radio, TV, computers and Lady Gaga -- and somehow managed to live a perfectly fufilled and happy life. Heck, she's even survived a lifetime love affair with the Packers, The Decider's eight years in the White House, and so far hasn't been killed off by Barack Obama's health care plan.

To mark the day, folks at the Skaalen Home in Stoughton, Wis., baked her cake and poured her a Margarita.

From the Madison State Journal:

She hasn't lost the spunk that prompted her to take her first Harley ride at 100 years old or the spirit that, as a girl, made her think that parades and fireworks were in honor of her birthday.

"I thought it was made for me," she recalled of Fourth of July celebrations growing up in Argyle, 40 miles southwest of Madison. "I thought it was my day."

Maybe it was Ruth. Welcome to Margaritaville, Ruth.

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