Rush Limbaugh has Tim Pawlenty on his presidential radar

Maybe Gov. Tim Pawlenty's national profile is rising despite a recent rash of none-too-encouraging polls: Stogie-smokin' right-wing radio yakker Rush Limbaugh has a soft spot for T-Paw's White House aspirations.

That tidbit dribbled out of the Huffington Post yesterday, in a piece by Marcus Baram about the new El Rushbo biography by Zev Chafets.

The bio sounds like a big buff job. But we're less interested in Limbaugh's place on some pedestal than we are in what he has to say about our governor in the firmament of GOP idols vying for the White House in 2012.

According to Baram:

At the time of the book's writing this spring, Limbaugh's frontrunner for his support in the 2012 presidential race was Sarah Palin, whom he calls "the most prominent, articulate voice for standard, run-of-the-mill, good old-fashioned conservatism." A surprising second choice so far is Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty, whom Limbaugh praised as a choice for the vice presidential nomination in 2008.

With one hand tied behind his back and talent on loan from God, no doubt.

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