Rush Limbaugh decries University of Minnesota's female orgasm event

Rush: "Everybody knows an orgasm leads to smoking." That explains it...
Rush: "Everybody knows an orgasm leads to smoking." That explains it...

During his radio show yesterday, Rush Limbaugh expressed bafflement about the University of Minnesota's upcoming female orgasm program.

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"By the way, batteries are not included at this event," Rush said, perhaps suggesting he's a stranger to un-mechanically induced O faces. "You have to bring your own."

Rush read the U of M's official event description -- you can check it out in our blog post from yesterday, linked above -- then, as you'd expect, sounded off in humorous fashion (this time, the humor appears to be intentional rather than unintentional). Here's a partial transcript of what he had to say:

Orgasm aficionados attending an event designed to help female undergraduate students achieve more and greater. Dawn, if you're daughter attended this school and that thing, what would your reaction be? You wouldn't be happy, right? How many of you guys hearing this say you volunteer to be professor? (laughing) How many -- he-he-he -- how many, "Hey, I'll show up and teach. No charge. I'll do it gratis, I'll comp it." This sounds like a thing made to order for Shawty Lo, the guy in Atlanta, the rapper, 11 kids with ten baby mamas. I'm not making it up, folks...

You know, the press release here on the orgasm seminar at the University of Minnesota doesn't say anything about lessons on faking it. Well, I assume it's hands on experience. How else are you gonna do this? But there's nothing here about fake orgasms. And I don't know whether they're gonna be giving away cigarettes. Everybody knows an orgasm leads to smoking. Everybody knows that. I'm assuming that orgasms are covered under Obamacare.

The cost of this thing, $3,406. That's what it's gonna cost the university. Why is this gonna cost anybody anything? It must be. The 3,000 bucks must be for the cigarettes, the postcoital tobacco bliss. Exactly right.

But the event does have its benefits, Rush. For instance, if Southeast Missouri State would've offered something similar while you were there, maybe you wouldn't be asking where the batteries are when the topic of O faces comes up.

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