'Run Hadji Run' fireworks at Wis. store not so patriotic after all


A Wisconsin fireworks store got a different kind of explosion this Fourth of July weekend. While the state is used to Minnesotans flocking over the border to get fireworks illegal in their own state, the store was bombarded with angry customers and Muslim groups who said their "Run Hadji Run" fireworks were flat-out racist.

The $30 fireworks package features men in traditional Muslim attire riding camels as a fighter plane flies overhead. On the back of the package, Uncle Sam is yanking the beard of another man dressed in traditional Muslim attire. Apparently this company's idea of a real patriotic fireworks celebration is pretty offensive to everyone else with some common sense. The Wisconsin store under fire has since pulled the product from their store.

The product is manufactured by Red Rhino Fireworks, which still displays the product on their site. KSTP reports that they contacted the company, which claimed they hadn't sold the product in years.

Fireworks City, the Baldwin, Wis. store selling "Run Hadji Run" fireworks has since taken them off the shelf.

The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-MN) welcomed the quick response from the business after they contacted them about the offensive product.

"We appreciate the quick response of the retailer to Muslim concerns and hope that everyone can enjoy the July 4th holiday in an inclusive environment," said CAIR-MN Communications Director Jessica Zikri in a statement.

The term Hadji is considered an honorific term for those who have done the pilgrimage to Mecca, but is often used as a derogatory term for Muslims in Iraq, CAIR-MN says.

CAIR-MN also contacted the manufacturer in Missouri, asking them to take similar action and remove the product from other stores.

Check out the KSTP report below: