Rufus Onel Victor: "Sir, Kill me"

But we know what he was thinking afterward:

"Sir, kill me," he told a police officer. "I did it, and I tried to lie my way out of it."


The 29-year-old suspected car thief from Edina, who's been in trouble with the law before, was charged today with three counts criminal vehicular homicide.

Police say he tried to outrun a state trooper early Sunday morning on I-94, led the chase up onto surface streets in North Minneapolis, and smashed into Thomas's car at Broadway and 2nd Street.

She and her son Andre, 12, died at the scene. Baby Averon died later at the hospital.


Victor took off on foot after demolishing the Thomas's Chevy Caprice, trailed my Minneapolis police and more troopers. In short order he was spotted on a railroad embankment beside the tracks on the south side of Broadway. When asked what he was doing there, Victor tried to beg off by telling the cops he'd just been in Dinkytown and was down on the tracks smoking crack.

According to the complaint, Victor denied being in the crash, but officers put him in handcuffs. When they told him he was under arrest for criminal vehicular homicide, he spilled the beans.

"I don't deserve anything good happen to me. I did something real bad. I did it and I tried to lie my way out of it. I am a fucking liar man."

Victor is being held at the Hennepin County jail on $2 million bond. A memorial to the Thomases has started to grow at the intersection where they died:

Lt. Eric Roeske of the State Patrol said officers at the scene drew blood from Victor to see if he was intoxicated. The results won't be ready for a few weeks. Roeske says the trooper was a full three blocks behind Victor when the fatal crash happened.

"It wasn't a situation where the trooper was right on top of him," he says. "The trooper continually lost ground to him because he simply wasn't willing to drive in as reckless and as careless a manner as the guy who was driving."