Rubber ball fetish man pleads guilty to ball slashing


The Duluth man with a fetish for breaking into buildings and slashing large rubber exercise balls pleaded guilty Wednesday to his latest incident.

Christopher Neil Bjerkness, 31, broke into the SMDC-Duluth Clinic West Building in May and slashed rubber balls. He admitted in St. Louis County District Court he committed the third-degree burglary.

According to the Duluth News Tribune, "Bjerkness will spend a year at the Northeast Regional Corrections Center and participate in a sex offender treatment program." He will also serve a five-year probation where we assume he can't slash more balls.

He will be sentenced next month. We're still wondering how this ball-slashing fetish means he has to go through sex offender treatment. He seems to only be a threat to rubber orbs.

In an interview with DNT, Bjerkness says his fetish only hurts rubber balls in his path.

"It's just a weird thing that I do. They say that I'm a threat to society, but I don't feel so."

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