R.T. Rybak sworn in, Barb Johnson re-elected city council president

R.T. Rybak was sworn in for another term as mayor of Minneapolis on Monday, even as he turns his attention to running for governor. In a sign of the overlap, he posts this tweet on his campaign Web site: "Swearing in for third term as Mayor today. It's a tremendous honor to be Mayor of Minneapolis." It appears alongside links to attacks on Tim Pawlenty and appeals for campaign cash. Striking that balance as mayor v. candidate will be interesting to watch as Rybak moves forward.

In the same Monday morning ceremony, Barb Johnson was elected to serve another term as City Council president, and three new council members were also sworn in: Kevin Reich, Meg Tuthill and John Quincy. Evidently council members don't care too much that Johnson will be before a judge on Jan. 26, defending her decision to use campaign money for haircuts, dry-cleaning, her cell phone, and a line at her lake house. That hearing follows a City Pages investigation of her creative accounting.

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