R.T. Rybak joins the anti-Arizona backlash on immigration

Rybak says Arizona's a dangerous place for city employees

Rybak says Arizona's a dangerous place for city employees

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak has joined a growing chorus of critics -- including St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman -- chastising Arizona's new and controversial anti-immigrant law, and is urging city employees to rethink travel plans to the state.

"In my opinion, this is a terrible law and I do not want any public dollars to be spent there," he said in an e-mail to department heads. "I feel strongly that the City of Minneapolis should not endanger the safety of our employees or spend public resources in Arizona at this time."

The law tells Arizona cops to arrest anyone they think might have come into the country illegally and who can't produce documentation on the spot to prove otherwise.

"If you identify any upcoming official training or conference travel to or business in the State of Arizona this year, I urge you to cancel it and devise an alternate plan for attaining the same desired results," he said.

The e-mail makes Rybak's position clear, but it doesn't goes as far as Coleman's outright boycott order of Arizona travel.

The Arizona law "will create a culture where racial profiling is acceptable," Coleman said. "It would be immoral to not stand up in the face of a piece of legislation that is rooted in hate and fear."