Royce White gets released, retweets haters

Royce White gets released, retweets haters

Royce White's NBA career could be over before it began.

A first-round selection just last year, White -- a former Minnesota Mr. Basketball and two-time state high school champion, once with DeLeSalle and once with Hopkins -- was released yesterday by the Philadelphia Sixers, a team widely expected to be one of the worst in the league this season.

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Given his checkered past and an anxiety disorder that makes it difficult for him to fly, at this point it's fair to wonder whether White will ever see action in a regular season game (he didn't play in any last season).

White is known for having a colorful Twitter account, and as news of his release circulated last night and today, he's tried to stay positive and take the high road (as Denny Green would say).

He also hinted he won't be crushed if he has to throw in the towel on a professional basketball career:

But White's positivity has been interspliced with retweets of people who are savaging and mocking him:

White, however, does seem to hold out hope that his hometown Timberwolves might be interested in giving him another shot (he retweeted the tweet below):

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