Rove/Plame: Maybe today, or not; maybe this week, or not

class=img_thumbleft> Patrick Fitzgerald and Co. arrived at the courthouse in Washington today shortly before 9 a.m. The Financial Times reports that "Indictments in the CIA leak investigation case are expected to be handed down by a grand jury on Wednesday" [

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], but that conflicts with the word from ABC's The Note this morning, and possibly with a story in Roll Call that hints Fitzgerald may extend the investigation past the expiration of this grand jury's term on Friday. Here's what The Note has to say about both:

ABC News' Jason Ryan has this guidance from a Justice Department official: NO ANNOUNCEMENT FROM FITZGERALD IS EXPECTED TODAY. (Though, it should be Noted, that it is possible that the grand jury could return an indictment today placed under seal--or a myriad of non-announcement developments.)...

This might or might not be a tea leave as big as all Rancho Cucamonga: Roll Call's Mary Ann Akers, in the only scoop of the cycle, hears that Fitzgerald paid a visit to Patton Boggs yesterday to see Karl Rove's attorney Robert Luskin. Akers says the hallways of the firm were abuzz with rumors that Fitzgerald will have to ask for an extension on the investigation.

Go to The Note.

It's no wonder the press is at such loose ends over what Fitzgerald will do, and when--just consider the discrepant possibilities the Roll Call story suggests. First, we do not know whether Fitzgerald really met with Robert Luskin, and if so, whether Fitzgerald told him the investigation might be extended. If he did, we do not know whether he meant that a) the investigation is not finished, or b) Rove should come to the table on a plea bargain now, lest Fitzgerald keep the whole Bush crew on the hot seat even longer.

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