Rove/Plame: a must-read by Roger Morris



has posted a long analytic essay by Roger Morris, the author and Nixon-era National Security Council member, laying out the backstory to the current grand jury investigation and the preceding web of lies about attempted Iraqi uranium purchases from Niger. Morris thinks Condi Rice is the principal unnamed co-conspirator in the whole matter:

"[Rice] alone among senior officials was knowing and complicitous at every successive stage of the great half-baked yellow cake fraud. She alone was the White House peer--and in national security matters the superior--to Rove and Libby, who never could have acted without her collusion in peddling Plame's identity. She as much as anyone had a stake in smearing Wilson by any and all means at hand. If Rove and Libby are to be held criminally or at least politically accountable for a breach of national security, our "mushroom cloud" secretary of state should certainly be in the dock with them.

Read Morris.

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