Rottweilers attack woman, man saves her with martial arts

Rottweilers attack woman, man saves her with martial arts
Photo by Gregg

When Jesse Piotrowski was awoken by the sound of a woman crying for help in Mankato Tuesday morning, he jumped from his bed wearing just his shorts. When he came outside, he found a woman on the ground being attacked by two rottweilers.

He came to her rescue with sweet martial arts moves that forced the dogs to surrender. Talk about a real-life superhero.

More from the Mankato Free Press:

He said he punched the dogs, one pulled back, and the other attacked again. After getting the woman back into her house, the dogs' owner came upon the scene and quieted them.

Piotrowski received bites on his leg during the fracas.

"The bite was nothing. The worst part was my toes. I basically jumped right out of bed, so the only thing I had on was my shorts."

His feet were in more pain because he said he was using martial arts-style pivoting while he was punching the dogs.

The woman broke her wrist during the attack. The owner of the dogs told police the dogs got away from him while he was trying to put them in his yard. The dogs will be in isolation for 10 days to check for rabies.

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