Roseville police cars collide while racing to Interbank robbery

Two Rosaeville squad cars were wrecked.

Two Rosaeville squad cars were wrecked.

Two Roseville police cars collided this afternoon in front of the scene of a bank robbery, sending one injured officer to the hospital.

Roseville cops received a report around noon of an armed robbery in progress at Interbank on County Road B2, near Fairview Avenue North. The State Patrol is still trying to figure out how it happened, but two squad cars racing to the scene hit each other right in front of the bank's entrance, says Ramsey County Sheriff's spokesman Randy Gustafson.


The crash sent one of the cars tumbling over, says Gustafson. The unlucky officer in the car that rolled had to be extricated from the squad and rushed to the hospital.

"Currently, he appears to be in stable condition," says Gustafson. The other officer involved wasn't injured.

As for the bank robbery, police have yet to release any details. No arrests have been made as of early Wednesday afternoon.

The Roseville Police Department plans to release more information later today.