Ronald Sims and Dee King allegedly used million-volt stun gun to rob Craigslist laptop seller

Sims (left) and King (right) took a stun gun to a Craigslist computer seller in a Burger King parking lot, police say.
Sims (left) and King (right) took a stun gun to a Craigslist computer seller in a Burger King parking lot, police say.

Early Sunday (exactly what time isn't clear), Jeff Hanson met Dee King in the Burger King parking lot at 695 East 7th Street in St. Paul. King and Hanson got in touch on Craigslist, where Hanson was looking to sell his laptop computer.

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King, a paroled bank robber, exited his blue SUV, got into Hanson's car, looked over the laptop, then left to get money while Hanson stayed in his vehicle. He returned with an accomplice named Ronald Sims and a million-volt stun gun.

The Star Tribune provides details about what happened next:

Hanson took out his cellphone and had his wallet in his lap, intending to show King his identification to verify that the laptop wasn't stolen. King returned to the car with a man later identified as Sims, who carried a large object in his hand.

Hanson later told police that he felt as if he "had been zapped by electricity."

"Hand it over!" the robbers repeated before snatching his laptop, wallet and cellphone. They left in the blue SUV.

Hanson tried to follow them but stopped and went into the Burger King to call police. He had two puncture wounds on his forearm and scratches.

Officers stopped a blue Chrysler Pacifica at W. 7th and Leech Streets. It had a license plate with numbers close to what Hanson provided, and he identified the two suspects as the men who robbed him, the complaint says.

As BringMeTheNews details, the St. Paul incident is the latest in a strong of Craigslist transactions gone wrong:

In August, a Maplewood man was charged after he allegedly shot and killed a 19-year-old Hamline University student who responded to an ad on Craiglist for an iPhone.

Nationally, a trial is in progress in Ohio involving a 17-year-old who's accused of fatally shooting three men lured by phony Craigslist job offers.

[After the St. Paul incident] Ramsey County Attorney John Choi once again warned consumers Tuesday to take care in online transactions that have been tied to a rash of robberies.

Perhaps it's another reason Best Buy's management should be optimistic about the company's prospects of returning to the realm of the living -- at least you can buy a laptop there without fear of being stun-gunned or shot.

Both Sims and King have been charged with first-degree robbery.

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