Ronald Reagan appears in new version of "Miss me yet?" billboard

Remember real hope and change? That's the message accompanying a big portrait of former President Ronald Reagan on a billboard along I-94 in Albertville.

We'll leave it to Ed Morrissey, noted conservative blogger, to compare it to the George W. Bush "Miss me yet?" billboard that went up a few weeks ago outside of Wyoming, Minn.

Somehow, I think people will miss this man more than the one featured in the "Miss Me Yet?" billboard.

He may be right. Readers will remember that we had some fun with the Bush billboard. Check out that slideshow here, our post about the billboard here, and how a recent poll shows that President Barack Obama remains more popular than Bush here.

Bob Schwartz, at Franklin Outdoor Advertising, confirmed this morning that the company owns the billboard, but for now didn't have any information about who paid for it.

Albertville is part of GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann's 6th Congressional District.

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