Ronald Blair faces lawsuit, one year in prison for stabbing balloon

Ronald Blair, balloon assailant.

Ronald Blair, balloon assailant.

The Wisconsin state employee who stabbed a protester's balloon with a knife is facing jail time for his actions.

Ronald Blair, 56, was stationed at the Wisconsin Capitol last month when Leslie Peterson came into the building to unleash balloons in protest against Gov. Scott Walker's anti-union regime. Protesters have been holding "Solidarity Singalongs" in the statehouse and capping them by releasing heart-shaped balloons into the air.

But on July 25, Blair, assistant director of the Division of State Facilities, "snapped" at the protesters.


The state employee allegedly told Peterson that he was "tired of retrieving balloons from the Capitol," according to press reports. That's when he took his Swiss army knife and stabbed it.

When Peterson asked Blair to identify himself, he lied and said he was with the Capitol Police, and tried to leave the scene. She chased him down a flight of stairs. Blair then grabbed her wrists and shoved her into a bathroom door.

He's been charged with disorderly conduct and use of a dangerous weapon.

Ronald Blair was tired of balloons like this one.

Ronald Blair was tired of balloons like this one.

In addition to the criminal charges, Blair is also being sued by Peterson.

Peterson claims Blair violated her First and Fourth Amendment rights to free speech and protection from unreasonable search and seizure. She's seeking unspecified damages.