Ron Paul glitterbombed at Minneapolis Convention Center [VIDEO]

There's something in the air the night before the caucus.
There's something in the air the night before the caucus.

As Republican candidates descended on our fair state for today's caucus, the glitter was inevitably not far behind.

At a campaign rally in downtown Minneapolis last night, Congressman Ron Paul became the latest conservative presidential candidate to be baptized in glitter, and the set is now complete. As of last night, all the frontrunner candidates -- Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, and Paul -- have officially been glitterbombed.

This time the culprit was not glitterbomb inventor Nick Espinosa, but a man calling himself "Charlie McAwesome." And while a traditional glitterbomb usually accompanies a pro-gay-rights message, McAwesome says he yelled, "Housing and healthcare are human rights not privileges!"

Meanwhile, two high school students interrupted a Newt Gingrich event at the Mall of America to call him out for "discrimination against gays and lesbians." They were silenced by jeers from the Gingrich supporters and hustled out the door.

Check out the glittering of Paul first:

And the Gingrich event:

Previous coverage:

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