Ron Larsen, New Ulm politician, visited by Secret Service for threatening letter to Obama

As a former reporter, you'd think Larsen would know better.
As a former reporter, you'd think Larsen would know better.

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In May, Ron Larsen was visited by the Secret Service after sending a what-the-hell-was-he-thinking letter to President Obama.

Larsen, currently a candidate for the New Ulm City Council, was upset over a provision in the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance program that requires recipients to be "actively looking for employment." Larson was kicked off the program because he wasn't "actively looking" for a job, but he argues the provision has no legal basis and only functions to reduce the number of unemployed folks receiving benefits.

From the New Ulm Journal:

In the letter, [Larsen] claims that he is only required to be available for work and the claimed requirement of having to be "actively looking for employment" was a fraudulent requirement...

... Larsen also sent copies of his letters to Obama and several Minnesota lawmakers. A key passage towards the end of the Larsen letter involves claims that the issues he raised were intentionally perpetuated all the way up the chain of the federal government to the Oval Office. "...I've established with the U.S Attorney's office not entering the matter (after all they would know it was a fraud, wouldn't they?) that this whole fraud goes right up into Obama's administration," said Larsen in the letter, "Ever since I was 50-55 years old, I've had this nagging feeling that I was put on this Earth for a specific reason. Now I know it was to take down a sitting U.S. president; life doesn't get any better than that!"

Just days after sending the letter, the technologically challenged former reporter was visited by a Secret Service agent. The agent told Larsen he was following up because his letter contained 'flagged words,' conducted an interview, and left, telling Larsen on his way out that he didn't think he was a legitimate threat against Obama.

Larsen told the Journal he doesn't hold a grudge against the agent, but characterized the visit as "saber rattling" intended to dissuade him from filing a lawsuit over the "actively looking" provision. He apparently thinks his unemployment beef is a pretty big deal -- he told the Journal his threatened suit would damage Obama's reelection chances.

For some reason, we suspect Barack probably has bigger Mitts to fry and more important Ryans to worry about.

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