Romney gives Coleman a helping hand in the recount


Al Franken and Sen. Norm Coleman ran the most expensive Senate campaign in the country and they still seem to have a national cash flow. According to the New York Times, Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney directed $5,000 from his "Free and Strong America" political action committee to help Coleman win the recount.

His recount donation is more than he donated to Coleman's campaign fund. But don't be so surprised. Romney still has his own needs in mind.

More from the NYTimes:

That's where the infusion of cash from Mr. Romney's committee comes in. The "Free and Strong America" PAC also contributed $2,300 to Mr. Coleman's election campaign. It's Mr. Romney's way of raising some of his own political capital. He is widely viewed as a potential G.O.P. contender in 2012.

To follow the recount from the Republican side of things, check out Minnesota Recount. Democrats have MN Recount, which is currently just a donation site.