Romero Spellman, charged with marine's murder, arrested by FBI

Romero Spellman was charged in April in Richmond Dunbar's murder.

Romero Spellman was charged in April in Richmond Dunbar's murder.

Five years ago, Richmond Dunbar, a marine from Minneapolis, was shot and killed on his way to a barbeque in St. Louis Park. Now, the F.B.I. thinks they've found the man responsible.

This morning, F.B.I. agents arrested Romero Spellman for the six-year-old murder, and delivered him to Hennepin County Jail. According to FBI spokesman Kyle Loven, a tip led agents to a house in St. Louis Park, where Spellman was arrested without incident.

The Hennepin County Attorney brought charges against Spellman in April of this year. The charges alleged that in April 2005 Spellman shot Dunbar, who was with his friend and two brothers, on their way into a backyard party.

Spellmon faces eight felony counts for his role in the homicide.


According to the complaint against Spellman, people at the scene concluded that members of the "Bloods" gang were responsible for Dunbar's seemingly random killing.

 As the complaint's narrative goes, some members of the "P-Stone" gang were at the barbecue, and, when Bloods members showed up, had turned them away. The Bloods, who consider that area of Brooklyn Park their territory, were told that "slobs" -- a putdown aimed at Bloods members -- weren't welcome.

Witnesses, including Bloods gang members, filled in the details of that night, telling police that Spellmon talked of driving through an alley after they were rejected from the party, and firing at the house. At first Spellmon was proud, thinking he'd killed a P-Stone gang member, and not a marine. According to the complaint:

"When [a witness] told [Spellmon] that the victim was an innocent person, [Spellmon] got quiet."

Spellmon is charged with eight different felonies for the shooting he's alleged to have done that night, including two counts of second-degree attempted murder and two counts of first-degree attempted murder. The most grave charges against Spellmon are two counts of first-degree murder, one of which is amplified by the fact that the killing was gang-related.

First-degree murder carries a maximum sentence of life, and first-degree murder for  the benefit of a gang carries a maximum penalty of life plus five years.