Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi on the Recount

We're still getting used to the mini-version of the Rolling Stone. But the legendary rag set their political writer and heir to the gonzo throne, Matt Taibbi, loose on the Franken versus Coleman death match. You ready for him to compare Coleman to the love child of a mop and game show host? Yeah, us too.

Taibbi's whole story, "The Last Recount," is worth a read. But here are some highlights from the dude who used to rock his magic out of a bi-weekly in Buffalo.

We'll lead off with the best:


"...Coleman is a creepy, weird-looking character, a beanpole in a suit topped with a rigid mousse helmet of politician hair, like the offspring of a mop and a game-show host."

Ouch. Well, at least Taibbi didn't bust Coleman's nuts about his super PoliGrip smile. Although he does take a beautiful jab at his wife, with a reference to her superb invention, the "Blo and Go" hair-dryer.

We also see Taibbi skewer Coleman's corruption charges, still under investigation.

"Wouldn't it be something if all that flip-flopping, cross-accusations and idiotic campaign noise had its roots in Norm Coleman taking 75-large and a bunch of Neiman Marcus suits from some Iranian dude with an offshore-drilling supplier?"

But the dude seals it with his closer.

"If Franken wins the recount, as analysts think he might, he can look forward to a first term as the right wing's chief symbol of the coming Apocalypse. Which, if he plays things straight enough, might be his funniest role ever."

Again, read the whole story at Rolling Stone. It's worth it. Taibbi has a way with venom.