Rollerskating is cool again: Crowded skate party leads to brawls

Rollerskating is cool again: Crowded skate party leads to brawls

People get excited and trample each other to death in the name of The Who or even sometimes a Korean pop concert. And this year we learned people are willing to trample others to death for Wal-Mart Black Friday deals.

But getting in brawls with each other when you can't get into the sold out roller skating party? What is the world coming to? Apparently roller skating is officially cool again.

The Coon Rapids's Cheap Skate had quite the evening last night when their Mega Skate event hit capacity and people started getting pissed at each other due to crowding or not getting in at all. Nearly 1,200 partygoers came to the event, promoted by B96 and hosted by their DJ Brandon Wright.

After on-site security took control of the fights inside the building, additional backup from police may have led to a crowd overreaction when a K9 unit entered the building.

More from the Star Tribune:

On-site security had quashed a brawl at a Coon Rapids skate party Sunday night when five backup officers and a dog arrived, sending 1,200 partygoers into panic mode, said the disc jockey who surveyed the mayhem from the sound booth.

"The first reaction was, 'Oh, my God, they've got a dog,'" recalled Brandon Wright, a B96 (KTTB-FM) DJ who was hired to host the Mega Skate at Cheap Skate-Coon Rapids. "Then they took off running, and once people started running, other people started running."

Outside, people pissed off that they didn't make it in started fighting in the parking lot. Skate it out, people!

It's not clear what started the first fight and several others that started inside the rink, but the rink had reached its capacity and those outside were not being allowed entry, said Chief Deputy Tim Snell.

"The people outside became upset and at one time they tried to storm the door and force their way through," Snell said. "It sort of became a pushing match with doors going back and forth." Rink staff was able to keep the upset crowd of people out.

As they milled around, several fist fights started in the parking lot and later inside the rink, Snell said.

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