Roger Hanson Will Rebuild His Massive Ice Castle

"I'm not a quitter. My work here is not done."

"I'm not a quitter. My work here is not done."

Roger Hanson was back at work yesterday, attempting to Frankenstein back together his ruined attempt at creating the world's tallest ice castle on Barker Island in Superior, Wisc.

The 66-foot-tall tower was reduced to chunks of icy rubble when it collapsed Tuesday morning, and when we reached him that afternoon he was unsure if the city would let him try to rebuild it.

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"I don't know if I'm done," he said. "Are they going to give me the thumbs up or are they going to give me the boot?"

Luckily, the city of Superior gave Hanson the go-ahead yesterday.

The city's tourist development fund already gave Hanson $30,000 for the castle and had events planned throughout February. Mayor Bruce Hagen made it clear yesterday the city is not giving up on squeezing more tourism dollars out of that investment.

"We intend to move forward with our original goal of creating a signature winter event in Superior," wrote Superior Mayor Bruce Hagen in a press release.

National Bank of Commerce is sponsoring a "creatively modified" light show on Feb. 14, 21, and 28, featuring Hanson's repaired tower.

I'm not a quitter," he said. "My work here is not done."

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