Roger Goodell says NFL would pitch in for Vikings stadium

Could this man be the answer to Vikings fans' prayers?

Could this man be the answer to Vikings fans' prayers?

With less than a week left to go in the legislative session, the Vikings stadium proposal is still showing some signs of life.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell now says the league is willing to chip in on a new stadium, which in theory could be the missing piece in the funding puzzle.

"We know how important the Vikings are to this community, and we want to make sure they continue to be here in a great new stadium," Goodell said in a press conference this morning.


But don't crack the champagne yet. The clock is still ticking, and Goodell has yet to lay out any numbers.

Last week, the Vikings struck a deal with Ramsey County that would bring a new stadium project to Arden Hills. In exchange, the county would pay $350 million -- or 33 percent -- through a .05 percent sales tax. The Vikings have agreed to pay $407 million.

The stadium would look something like this:

An overhead view.

An overhead view.

Gov. Mark Dayton says the state won't pay a cent more than $300 million, which still falls at least $175 million short when considering the road and highway construction around the site.

So how generous is Goodell feeling?

He promises to let us know in the next couple days.

But even if the NFL can cover the remaining costs, the Legislature still has to pass a bill before the end of the session. Barring a special session -- which is looking more and more likely -- that gives us about six days.

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