Roel Joseph Perez charged in attack on "Major" the police dog

Major the police dog's attacker is charged as he continues to recover.

Major the police dog's attacker is charged as he continues to recover.

As Major the Roseville police dog continues to make baby steps in his recovery, his attacker is facing gross misdemeanor charges for nearly killing the dog.

After car thieves tripped a bait car in Maplewood, Officer John Jorgensen discovered a hole cut in the fence of Truck Utilities and sent Major inside. Major successfully sniffed out Roel Joseph Perez, but the 21 year old was armed with a butterfly knife.


While Major sunk his teeth into his calf, Perez drove the knife into the dog's head and neck three times. The blade punctured Major's lung and crashed into his spine. Major released Perez and staggered off yelping. By the time officers reached him, he was bleeding profusely, his lung was collapsed and his back legs were paralyzed.

Police soon rounded up Perez, James Ricky McBain and Ryan Neil Dorner , and found their car, which contained bolt cutters, prying tools, a crowbar and a meth pipe. The men told officers that they were lifting truck parts to pay for their meth addiction.

Perez also admitted to stabbing Major, but said he didn't know he was a police dog. He's looking at 6-and-a-half years in prison and up to $13,000 in fines.

Meanwhile, back at the U of M vet hospital, Major is progressing slowly. According to the website that tracks his daily progress, he is now able to make small movements with his hind legs, and is still going through intense physical therapy. His stitches are out and his vets say the gradually returning sensation in his legs is a good sign.