Rod Weber, Minneapolis cop who threatened to break teen's legs, is fired

The Minneapolis police reportedly fired Weber after a nine-month investigation.

The Minneapolis police reportedly fired Weber after a nine-month investigation.

A Minneapolis cop, who referred to himself as "officer friendly" while threatening to bust a teenager's legs during a traffic stop last year, has been terminated.

Rod Weber, a 25-year-old veteran, had been on paid leave since the incident last March. He was caught on video swearing and telling 17-year-old Hamza Jeylani, "Plain and simple, if you fuck with me I'm going to break your leg before you get the chance to run. I'm being honest with you. I don't screw around.”

Weber was reportedly let go after the conclusion of a nine-month investigation.

The police department wouldn't confirm the termination, referring City Pages to Chief Janee Harteau's statement, which read: "I cannot comment on pending matters due to data privacy laws.… Public trust is a vital component to our ability to fully protect and serve the residents of Minneapolis. Officers will be held accountable if their actions are not consistent with our core values or the state's Law Enforcement Code of Ethics."

Officer Friendly's debut surfaced last spring after Jeylani recorded the incident on his cell phone before being handcuffed. Four young men, including Jeylani, had been pulled over in south Minneapolis on suspicion of grand theft, only to be released later the same day.

After being threatened, Jeylani asks Weber, "Who says I was going to run?"

The cop explains he's just trying to be "officer friendly and give you the heads up."

Can you tell me why I'm being arrested? Jeylani asks.

"Because I feel like arresting," says the officer.

Police union president Lt. Bob Kroll was unavailable for comment. However, he did release a statement saying the union is "confident that we will appeal the termination, as it's unwarranted."