"Rock n' Roll" Buck Zumhofe allegedly sexually abused his daughter between 1999 and 2011

Zumhofe was known for lugging a boombox to the ring.
Zumhofe was known for lugging a boombox to the ring.

Former AWA star and WWF wrestler "Rock n' Roll" Buck Zumhofe faces 12 felony counts of criminal sexual conduct for allegedly sexually abusing a female relative 1,800 times between 1999 and 2011, when the woman, then age 29, finally left his Cyrus, Minnesota, home.

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Slam! Sports reports that the female relative in question is Zumhofe's daughter.

According to the West Central Tribune, Zumhofe, who has been working as a wrestling promoter in Minnesota, the Dakotas, Iowa, and Wisconsin (Bluestem Prairie reports that he actually promoted this infamous event), allegedly starting having sex with the victim when she was 15, shortly after she moved in with him.

"The abuse began with his touching her breasts and then oral sex. Zumhofe also made her dance in front of him in bra and panties and watch pornography with him," the Tribune writes, citing the criminal complaint. "After about two weeks, the abuse progressed to intercourse two to three times a day. In later years, intercourse took place two to three times a week until the woman left in June 2011."

Last year, the woman told a therapist about the alleged abuse, and it was then reported to police. She estimates she was abused by Zumhofe 1,800 times in the 12 years she lived with him.

According to the complaint, the victim's mother tried to intervene and remove the girl from the house while she was still a teenager. But Zumhofe said he'd kill himself if she left, so the girl stayed and ended up allegedly enduring many more years of abuse.

The complaint also suggests that others had an inkling about the relationship between Zumhofe and his relative before police got involved.

"Various witnesses were aware of aspects of the relationship while it was ongoing. Some had seen Zumhofe kissing her in public and 'dirty dancing' with her at a New London-Spicer High School Dance," the Tribune, citing the complaint, writes. "A college friend was invited to join a threesome but declined. Others allegedly knew the two shared a bed in Zumhofe's home."

One of Zumhofe's runs in the Minneapolis-based American Wrestling Association was cut short when he was convicted of criminal sexual conduct in 1989. He ended up serving three years in the Stillwater prison.

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