Rochester woman runs over her drunk son: 'He didn't believe I would'

The younger Grund told deputies it was an accident. Cynthia Grund was more forthcoming.

The younger Grund told deputies it was an accident. Cynthia Grund was more forthcoming. Olmsted County Jail

Cynthia Grund, a 58-year-old woman with iron-gray hair and a firm jaw, had given her 37-year-old son an ultimatum while he was staying with her and her husband in rural Rochester.

He’d been drinking all day, she would later say. They'd gotten into a fight and he pushed her out the bedroom door. She and her husband told him that was it. He had to stay somewhere else.

Later that day, she caught sight of him lying down on her long gravel driveway. He’d gone outside to “have a smoke and calm down,” but it seemed he’d made himself comfortable while he was at it. She got into her 2004 Ford Explorer and drove it nose-first after him.

Grund rolled down her window and told him to get up and get in the car so she could give him a ride to town. She’d made arrangements for him to stay with a friend. He wasn’t especially amenable to this, even after she pulled up next to him and tried to wrangle him inside.

He pointed out that they were at a bit of an impasse. “Well,” he said, “You’re not going to run me over.” He laid back down on the driveway.

There was a pause. Grund got back in her car, backed it up, and “gave herself some time to think about it.” Then the Ford came trundling down the driveway and turned her son into a living speedbump.

When Olmsted County deputies arrived, they found blood running down the driveway. Grund’s son’s face was a bleeding mess. Medical staff, who were tending to his injuries and making ready to take him to St. Mary’s Hospital, said his pelvis was “severely” broken.

When he was later interviewed at the hospital, the younger Grund would characterize the incident as an accident. That’s not the version deputies got from Grund herself. She told deputies she had indeed run her son over, and gave them a detailed account, according to a complaint filed in Olmsted County District Court. A deputy asked her if she’d done it on purpose.

“You bet,” she answered.

When asked why, she reportedly said, “He didn’t believe I would.”

“He has been drinking all day,” she said. “We gave him a chance.” She, however, was stone-cold sober at the time.

Deputies arrested Grund and took her to the Olmsted County Jail, where she was later released on bond.