Rochester senior accused of renaming student "Moe Lester" in yearbook


What would June be like if we couldn't tell you about some high school senior's terrible prank to be forever remembered by? At the very least we could remind you about the epic Osseo grind-prom on a boat!

A Rochester Mayo High School senior and participant in yearbook class is accused of changing a freshman's name to "Moe Lester" next to the student's photo. He was even clever enough to change the student's name in the yearbook index too.

School officials saw it when the yearbook came out this month and was already distributed to students. The school created stickers to paste over "Moe Lester" so his name is correct. And students will promptly rip the sticker off.

So far, it doesn't look like the senior and his chosen victim even knew each other. What's the possible consequence for the bad name change? He might have to sit out on the graduation ceremony. Unfortunately school officials haven't realized how lame graduation ceremonies are in the first place. He'll be too busy calling local bars asking for "Al Coholic" and "I.P. Freely" anyway.