Rochester Post-Bulletin says Star Tribune "got used" in publishing "ridiculous" eagle story

Is this news? The Post-Bulletin's editor thinks not.
Is this news? The Post-Bulletin's editor thinks not.

In a blog post published this morning, Rochester Post-Bulletin Managing Editor Jay Furst blasts the Star Tribune for publishing "a ridiculous story" about "a report" of an eagle killed by a wind turbine on the Minnesota-Iowa border.

The story -- "Eagle may have died from wind turbine" -- was written by Josephine Marcotty and ran in print on Saturday. Its last paragraph says "the impact of wind farms on bats and birds is an increasingly controversial topic," adding that "the threat to eagles has been a major stumbling block in the wind project proposed for Goodhue County near Red Wing."

Furst notes that the story -- which he characterizes as being about "an eagle that may or may not have been killed by a wind turbine, which may or may not matter at all to the Goodhue wind project" -- was "aggressively pitched" to the Post-Bulletin by an opponent of the Goodhue turbine project. The Post-Bulletin decided to pass.

Furst's headline pretty much says it all -- "Not all story tips are worth publishing."

"The Strib got used," he concludes.

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