Rochester man stabbed in back while hugging girlfriend


When we talk about being stabbed in the back in a relationship, we never take it so literally. Now you've been warned.

A 29-year-old Rochester man was apparently hugging his new girlfriend when her ex came up behind him and stabbed him twice in the back. Forget a relationship's honeymoon period when you've got a crazy ex in the picture.

The couple was embracing in a Rochester soccer field parking lot when the attack happened. Police say the suspect is either the woman's ex-boyfriend or spouse.

When the two got into the woman's car to get away, the suspect punched her in the face through the open car window. The couple managed to drive themselves to the hospital for treatment.

The man was treated for non life-threatening stab wounds and released. The 22-year-old suspect was arrested at 2 a.m. today in Anoka County.

If you need another reason to avoid the PDA with your new lover, this might be it. No one needs a couple stab wounds in the back just for a good embrace.