Rochester man arrested for punching guy in a Donald Trump mask

Do not punch someone in a Donald Trump mask. Save your rage for the real guy.

Do not punch someone in a Donald Trump mask. Save your rage for the real guy.

Donald Trump's got one of the more punchable faces in America these days.

But with Halloween just weeks away, now's a good time to remember there's only one of him. If you see someone walking around with Trump's smug mug, take a deep breath, and look closely. 

And figure out if it's the real Donald Trump before hitting him in the face.

Early Thursday morning, just after midnight, a young man and woman were hanging out downtown in Rochester, Minn. He wore a Donald Trump mask; she had a Hillary Clinton mask. They were posing for pictures with people, having a good time.

Gabriel Majak was not enjoying the joke. Majak, 35, hauled off and punched the 23-year-old wearing the Trump mask, according to The Smoking Gun. Majak's fist didn't do significant damage to its recipient, though he did break the young man's glasses.

Majak was arrested for three misdemeanors -- assault, disorderly conduct, and property damage -- and was booked into Olmsted County jail.

Earlier this year, Majak pleaded guilty to a far more troubling threat of political violence: One day in 2015, he'd walked into an Army recruitment office in Rochester, telling the young potential volunteers that "future soldiers will have their heads cut off like chickens."

Majak's plea deal got him 49 days in jail, as well as a requirement that he abstain from drugs and alcohol, and begin attending mandatory Alcoholic Anonymous meetings.