Rochelle Inselman, ex-girlfriend from hell, allegedly killed long-lost lover

Rochelle Inselman "obsessed" over Bret Struck
Rochelle Inselman "obsessed" over Bret Struck

Rochelle Inselman hacked into her ex-boyfriend's Facebook, emailed defamatory messages to his friends and family, and stole his identity to apply for credit cards.

Eventually, Inselman shot her former lover to death, according to a criminal complaint filed yesterday by Hennepin County prosecutors.

Inselman and Bret Struck ended their relationship in 2004. Their breakup left Inselman "obsessed" with Struck even eight years after the end of their involvement. She bought a 9mm handgun and told the man who sold it to her that she needed the weapon "because of an ex-boyfriend."

Two days before Valentine's Day, Inselman shot Struck in his Brooklyn Center apartment, according to the police.

Struck, who would've turned 42* last March, failed to show up for work on February 13. A concerned colleague went to his house to search for him.

The co-worker opened an unlocked side door and saw Struck lying on the kitchen floor.

Cops discovered silver and brass bullet casings in Struck's home, where he lived alone. Neighbors said they heard "a succession of bangs" the previous evening, February 12. An autopsy showed that he was shot multiple times.

After interviewing friends and family of Struck's, police learned that Inselman had "a history of exhibiting threatening and harassing behavior" toward Struck, which included hacking into his Facebook and trashing him to his loved ones.

Police officers visited Inselman in her Eden Valley home on February 16. She denied being in the Twin Cities "any time after November 2011" and said she "rarely leaves her house."

Inselman claimed she was on her computer at the time of the murder and hadn't seen Struck in several years. The cops discovered that she had been in Struck's neighborhood "four times in the week preceding the murder." A forensic exam of her computer also revealed "an absence of activity over a four-hour time period that included when [Struck] was killed."

Last week, cops met the man who allegedly sold Inselman the handgun. Investigators traced the shells found at the murder scene to the gun sold to Inselman, which was recovered in a Clearwater trash can.

Inselman is being held on second-degree murder charges.

*Correction: Bret Struck would've turned 42 this month, not 32. I regret the error.

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