Robyne Robinson Twitter account is fake (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Robinson's spokeswoman at l'etoile, Kate Iverson, is tweeting that the account is  fake. Oddly, l'etoile was among those that retweeted the apparently fake @RobyneRobinson herself earlier this morning:

@robynerobinson is NOT Robyne Robinson her real twitter is @Robynempls.less than a minute ago via web


(A fake) Robyne Robinson launched a Twitter account today and began to aggressively follow the Twin Cities political chattering class, a move undoubtedly connected to gubernatorial candidate Matt Entenza's announcement of a running mate tomorrow morning on Twitter.

Robyne Robinson Twitter account is fake (UPDATED)

News broke yesterday that Robinson was considering an offer to run as Entenza's lieutenant governor. Fox 9 acknowledged their departing anchor's unique role in the campaign during the 9 p.m. newscast yesterday after a story about Entenza's spokeswoman resigning, a move she told City Pages was unconnected to the Robinson news breaking early.

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