Robyne Robinson silent on Entenza offer on Fox 9 [VIDEO]

Robyne Robinson appeared on her regular Fox 9 news spot at 5 p.m. today, but she made no comment on gubernatorial candidate Matt Entenza's offer for Robinson to be his running mate -- even during a story about DFL candidates' running mate picks.

When asked about Robinson anchoring tonight during a story about Margaret Anderson Kelliher and Mark Dayton's running mate picks, a spokeswoman for Fox 9 says:

"There is a clear difference between being invited to be a candidate and announcing you are a candidate."

News broke this morning that Entenza had picked the veteran news anchor to be his running mate. Robinson confirmed that Entenza had extended the offer this afternoon, but said she had yet to make a decision.

Entenza plans to officially announce his running mate Wednesday via Twitter.

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