Robyne Robinson on everything except Entenza's Lieutenant Governor offer [VIDEO]

Is it possible to dodge a question from your own TV station? If so, Robyne Robinson just may have pulled it off tonight.

Watching Robinson deftly tip-toe around the elephant in the room during tonight's 5 p.m. newscast was like having a front-row seat to the best political ballet in town. This even though she confirmed earlier today that she had been offered the job by Entenza and was considering whether to take him up on it.

"I think that there are certain times when you're called to public service and you have to weigh the offer with gravitas. So that's what I'm doing. I am weighing it incredibly heavily," Robinson said.

Viewers kept waiting for Robinson to switch out of her normal news presentation, but she stubbornly adhered to the script, as this video shows.

At least we know how she feels about spiders and Lindsay Lohan.

After a story about lieutenant governors, Robinson deftly changed the topic to Korea. Andy Mannix has the video and the backstory, including this justification:

"There is a clear difference between being invited to be a candidate and announcing you are a candidate."

At some point, Fox 9 is going to have to acknowledge this potential conflict of interests. Perhaps tomorrow night, after the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press have both had it on the front page?

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