Robin Johnson arrested in attack on Burnsville sports commish after kid's hoops game

Robin Johnson

Robin Johnson

Burnsville police said Robin Johnson, 48, of Burnsville, was the adult who attacked Burnsville Athletic Club Commissoner Jeff Shand, 50, on Saturday, evidently enraged over the time keeping in his son's sixth grade basketball match.

He was arrested for fifth-degree misdemeanor assault and interfering with an emergency call, having broken some of Shand's teeth, dislocating his jaw and knocking him unconscious.

"I cannot think of anything like this before ... and I've been on the board here for 10 years," club president Sam Griffiths told the Pioneer Press. "It's always been the other community that's got the problem."

Johnson's been trouble before. He was arrested last year for violating a protective order and damaging property. And he was covicted in 1997 of fifth-degree assault in Ramsey County and fifth-degree domestic assault in Hennepin County.

Witnesses said that Shand was trying to calm down some angry parents after a match when their verbal abuse became so outrageous that he pulled out a cell phone and said he was going to the cops. A brawl started. Shand's cell phone was knocked from his hand. He was sucker punched. And bystanders had to subdue Johnson.