Robin Hood busted stealing computers from St. Louis Park tech store

Robin Hood was busted stealing.

That's no surprise -- after all, he's known for robbing from the rich and giving from the poor -- but the circumstances this time were a little bit different. Instead of a bow and arrow, he was armed with a demagnetizing tool. And instead of gold or silver, this time he allegedly took two desktop computers.

Hood, a 33-year-old St. Paul resident, faces up to five years in the slammer after he was busted trying to gank a desktop from the Micro Center in St. Louis Park.

According to St. Louis Park Patch, on June 7, Hood stole a Gateway desktop valued at $450 from the store. Employees were already familiar with him -- they later told police he had visited the store numerous times during the week before the theft, at one point unsuccessfully trying to walk out with a laptop.

Hood might've gotten away with the June 7 heist, but he got greedy and returned to the store on June 15 for more. On that occasion, he tried to walk out with an unpaid-for desktop, but was stopped by an employee in the parking lot. Hood told the employee he must've left his receipt inside. Police say he reentered the store, went to the bathroom, changed shirts, put on a baseball cap, made a small purchase and then tried to leave, but officers were waiting to arrest him in the parking lot. They found a demagnetizing tool clipped to his belt.

His career has really come off the rails since the thrilling Sherwood Forest days, hasn't it?

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