Robert Richard Thurner calls kilo of cocaine his personal stash

You could suck a kilo of coke up your snout over the course of a lifetime; the question is, would you really want to? Robert Richard Thurner insists that's his intention. Of course, the fact that he bought his blow from an undercover St. Paul cop might have some impact his rather sketchy life choice.

Police say Thurner and his brother Thomas made the buy on July 15 for just under $22,000 in the parking lot of a Walgreens at Maryland and Prosperity avenues, after an informant set them up with the cops.

According to the PiPress, he told the cops, "The cocaine was for their personal use, stating that it was enough to last them a lifetime." Then he stopped talking.

The Thurner brothers have both been charged with first-degree conspiracy to possess cocaine.

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