Rob MacIntyre, Raptor Resource Project director, ID'd as tornado victim

Rob MacIntyre was an eagle cam advocate.

Rob MacIntyre was an eagle cam advocate.

Ordinarily, Rob MacIntyre would be found helping the Raptor Resource Center establish webcams to let the world watch the spectacle of baby eagles and peregrine falcons hatching in their nests.

But on Sunday, Rob was in north Minneapolis, helping his neighbors dig out from the devastating tonado that ripped through the neighborhood.

Now he's been identified by the RRP as the the second person known to have died as a result of the violent storm. (The first victim's identity has not yet been made public.)


"This news is unexpected and we are deeply saddened. Please keep his family, his friends, and also everyone at RRP in your thoughts. A new photo album was added with his pictures earlier this morning. Rob died of cardiac arrest while helping his neighbor with a collapsed roof from a tornado in Minneapolis yesterday. We thank you everyone for all the beautiful sympathy messages and condolences on behalf of Rob MacIntyre, President of RRP. His death was a shock to everyone here at RRP. Rob is survived by his wife, his family, and many wonderful friends. Although this is a sad time for RRP, we want you to continue to enjoy the eagle watching, and also enjoy each other here on this page. We know your thoughts are with everyone, and we appreciate all the support.

We called attention to one of Rob's webcams recently -- although we didn't know he was the man behind the work. The organization trained a lens on a Bald Eagle nest in Decorah, Iowa, and we carried the livestream to show the hatchlings. The livestream is still running. Check it out here.

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